3 love booster in test

1) Explosion of the senses of taste thanks to lube with taste
A lubricant such as AQUAglide strawberry lube or in the BIO variant as BIOglide strawberry lube invites to playful oral pleasure. Its sweet, fragrant note reduces inhibitions during oral intercourse and seduces to snack. From us this lubricant gets a clear thumbs up! The tested taste can be smelled and tasted even with closed eyes – so it's a good hit. AQUAglide strawberry is sugar-free and with nature-identical flavours into food quality.

Different flavours are a sweet change for the love play. The pleasantly fruity notes of each flavour remain on the skin as a light scent even after washing off.

Conclusion: A lubricant with taste stimulates the senses and the imagination and is highly recommended!


2) Fragrant kneading pleasure with warming massage liquids
Enjoy with all senses! High-quality massage oil products of the WARMup series make every partner massage a pleasurable experience and are ideal for foreplay! Valuable care substances make the skin velvety soft and supple, support the sensitivity for all the stimulating feelings a massage offers. Just a few drops of the liquid, such as WARMup raspberry or vanilla, are enough to release a stimulating aroma and pleasant warmth on the skin. The delicate scent of the aromas is the pure temptation - let yourself be stimulated and enjoy the warming power.

The scent of the liquid unfolds a pleasantly sweet and erotic note on the skin, which remains even after a short shower and acts like a subtle, sensual love perfume.

The skin becomes pleasantly soft through the care. There is a slight difference to untreated skin areas.

Conclusion: All in all, we can highly recommend the WARMup massage oil products for an excursion into the world of sensual touch. As love boosters they should not be missing in any drawer.


3) Effective love training with pleasure balls with vibroballs for the effective trampoline effect
Where does the vibration come from with these little balls? The principle is as simple as it is effective and therefore pleasurable. In the two larger, light balls there are smaller, heavier balls which react to every movement and thus create the vibration effect. The spheres are relatively heavy for their size and have a diameter of 3.5 cm. This and their smooth surface make them very easy to insert and comfortable to wear. A positive side effect of this little treat: vaginal muscles and pelvic floor are stressed. There is hardly a more pleasant training for these muscles, even if it still needs some practice at the beginning. The more trained your pelvic floor muscles are, the stronger the sensations you feel during orgasm.

Conclusion: A little secret of pleasure that nobody sees and with which you can train important love muscles at the same time. Your partner will also appreciate this love booster!

Due to the high quality "Made in Germany" the kegel balls Joyballs are especially recommended.