Prostate massage for men - Stimulate the male G-spot

According to Charlie Glickman, author of "The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure", never before so many men have been open to prostate stimulation. Giving up control has become very appealing to many men. In order to be able to enjoy this practice in a relaxed way, we would like to give you some background information.


What is the p spot?

The P stands for prostate and what many people do not know is that the prostate is an organ that is very receptive to pleasure. Besides the penis, the prostate is the most important male pleasure organ. The P spot is also compared to the female G spot.


Since when is the prostate known (P or G spot)?

As early as 300 BC, the Greek physician Herophilos of Chalkedon gave the prostate the name "The Prostate". This is why it is still called the prostate gland today. The first illustration showing the prostate as a component of the genital system appeared in 1538.


What does the prostate actually do?

The prostate belongs to the inner sex organs of the man and produces the fluid that builds the ejaculate together with the sperm cells. This alkaline fluid of the prostate gland ensures the mobility of the spermatozoa. Without this secretion, the sperm cells would not be able to pass through the vagina, where an acidic environment prevails, and ascend into the uterus. Normally, the prostate is about the size and shape of a chestnut and weighs about 20 grams.


Where is the prostate?

The prostate is located between the bladder and the pelvic floor. The prostate (also known as the prostate gland) is best located via the anus. About five to seven centimetres behind the entrance to the anus, the prostate can be felt as a soft ball on the front wall of the intestine, i.e. towards the abdominal wall. Indirect stimulation from the outside can also be achieved by gently massaging the perineum – the area between the scrotum and the anus.

How is the prostate stimulated and is there really a prostate orgasm?

Since the prostate is difficult to reach and the fingers are often too short, toys such as the Joystick Booster Pro and the XPANDER were developed.

With the anatomically perfectly shaped toy, the prostate can be optimally stimulated. The adjustable vibration triggers a very intense, beautiful feeling of pleasure. This vibration stimulus causes the ureters to pulsate, the prostate muscles to contract and the pelvic floor muscles to contract – a physical reaction that is also observed in male orgasm. This form of stimulation can even be sufficient to reach its climax.


Preparatory measures are important!

Speaking of relaxation: Those who are relaxed have more chances for good sex. Especially in the anal area, tension is a guarantee for pain, so massage the perineum (the area between the testicles and the anus) beforehand and do not leave out the penis and the testicles. If he is aroused, you can carefully let the fingertip slide in and you will notice whether it is still very narrow or he is already ready to receive more.


What else needs to be considered during direct stimulation of the prostate?

As with anal intercourse, special care should be taken when inserting fingers or toy into the anus. The sphincter muscle should be gently stretched. Be prepared that it might hurt slightly at the beginning and that you should start with a very small circumference. If you use fingers, make sure that your fingernails are short.

In order to comply with hygiene requirements, it is advisable to cover imported objects with condoms and to have also emptied the intestines. For painless stimulation, the use of plenty of lubricant such as AQUAglide anal is indispensable. After anal contact the toys must be cleaned thoroughly with a disinfectant cleaner, e.g. clean'n'safe, if no condoms have been used, to prevent the spread of intestinal bacteria.

If mistakes are made the first time, this can be very deterrent and does not cry out for repetition. But with the right empathy, prostate orgasm can be an unforgettable experience.