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12 No Gos when using condoms

Just pull over the banana!? Unfortunately it is not so easy! Condoms are one of the most widespread contraceptives. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 241 million contraceptives were used in 2014. Nevertheless, many mistakes are made in the use of contraceptives.


Mistakes in the use of condoms

Mistake 1

Three quarters of users do not check whether the condom has visible damage before using it. The error rate is extremely low, but in rare cases condoms can have a weak material.

Mistake 2

More than half of the lovers do not pay attention to the expiration date. Condoms have a shelf life of about 4 years. After this date the material can become porous.

Mistake 3

Many users expose their contraceptives to strong heat (e.g. in a car). This can cause the material to become brittle long before the expiration date.

Mistake 4

Almost half of condom users pull the condom too tight over the glans and leave no room for the ejaculate at the tip.

Mistake 5

A third of men notice too late that the inside and outside of the condom have been confused. They then simply turn the condom over and use it. They forget, however, that semen can already get to the tip of the condom. Safety is no longer guaranteed.

Mistake 6

About one third only reach for the Parisian when sexual intercourse has already begun.

Paar im Bett

Mistake 7

30 percent of men do not pull out their penis immediately after they have come. The penis becomes small and there is a danger that the semen will flow out of the condom, which is now too large.

Mistake 8

And about every 10th man, has a very special tactic: They simply remove the condom during sexual intercourse, on the grounds "That's better ...".

Mistake 9

Also, about every 10th man does not roll the condom completely. Dangerous! So it can get lost already with the first blows. It is absolutely necessary to compress the condom with your thumb and index finger at the tip and then roll it off completely so that no air is trapped.

Mistake 10

About eight percent of users open the condom pack with sharp objects without being aware of the danger of damaging the condom.

Mistake 11

Some lovers use oil-based lubricants. Baby oil, massage oil or vaseline are dangerous for latex condoms. Condoms get holes due to the ingredients and tear. A waterbased lube such as AQUAglide is available especially for use with condoms.

Mistake 12

In fact, a small percentage of men use a condom several times. NO! Stinginess is not horny!



With a majority of the mistakes one must hope for the responsible handling. AQUAglide by JOYDIVISON helps with error 11. AQUAglideis waterbased, suitable for condoms, pH-optimized and the excellent skin compatibility has been dermatologically tested.

The AQUAglide lube, popular a million times over, deserves the trust of condom users.

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