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Anal without lube. Can this work?

If someone really likes pain and injuries, he or she can probably try it dry. But we want to give you some tips on how to make anal sex a pleasant experience.

Anal sex is not something you just do and when it has happened, many people report a not so beautiful and painful experience! The intestinal mucosa is much more sensitive than the vaginal mucosa, therefore we are of the opinion that a certain preparation is absolutely necessary, so that anal intercourse does not become a horror experience.


Here the No Gos:

Anal without lube!

The anus does not produce any moisture and without lube one would penetrate completely dry. Pain is pre-programmed. We recommend special lubricants for anal use such as AQUAglide anal. Anal lubricant gels are slightly thicker and provide ideal conditions for the rear area with a long-lasting lubricating film.


Anal without condom!

Unfortunately there are bacteria in the anus and also sexually transmitted diseases do not stop at the bottom. The change from anal to vaginal is absolutely taboo, because this can cause unpleasant infections. The condom keeps its best part clean. Even an anal shower with the AQUAstick prevents unpleasant surprises and gives you a safe feeling.


Without preparation!

Lube and condoms are ready. Now it's time to start slowly and gently. Together with an intensive bottom massage you can carefully slide a finger with lubricant into the butt hole and wait for the reaction of the person receiving the massage. If the buttocks are loose, you can slowly increase your circumference. 


Being too impatient!

If your partner is ready for the penis, please do not start right away, but move carefully back and forth. It doesn't seem tight enough for men, but please accept that the many nerve endings on the bottom have to be slowly adjusted and stretched.


Insist on it!

Even if everything has been considered, please accept if your partner does not feel like playing these games. Persuasion is useless and can lead to sexual disagreements. Only if both really feel like it, it is fun and becomes a sexual enrichment.


To discover the bottom love for yourself, anal without lubricant is not a good idea. And please do not replace a lubricant by a greasy household product, because that can destroy condoms.
You can find more information about this topic in our guide article „Lubricant and condom“.