Vaginal bleaching: trend or psychological strain?

In search of the perfect body, you sometimes end up in the remotest places. Were topics like anal bleaching, penis bleaching, nipple bleaching relevant years ago?

If one asks the Internet, one is astonished, for which dark places at the body humans are ashamed! Women and men want to bleach their nipples, poles, armpits and anus and are prepared to accept high costs and pain.

We would like to take a closer look at the subject of intimate bleaching and provide some information here.


Where does this unusual trend come from?

As is so often the case, American celebrities are setting trends and these are sometimes becoming increasingly intimate. Until the Kardashians have brought the topic into the public eye, hardly a woman has looked at her vagina in the mirror. It's different with men, but most have lived with this flaw in the past. Now everything "seems" different and the pressure of suffering is promoted by a trend. Suddenly there are many possibilities to change colour.


Why is the intimate zone darker?

The colour of the skin is influenced by so-called melanocytes (pigment-forming cells in skin and hair). Hormones such as testosterone and estrogen regulate the activity of melanin.

With the onset of puberty, oestrogen increases in women and testosterone in men. These hormones can darken the pigments in the genital area. In the course of adulthood, hormonal changes such as the pill, pregnancy and menopause can also change the colour of the skin.

Another factor that is hard to believe is clothing and sport. Because friction at the skin areas causes the skin to thicken, which results in a dark colouring.


Lighten the intimate area? Why do women as well as men bleach their sexual organs?

There are various reasons why people bleach their sensitive intimate areas:

Strengthening self-confidence: For many people, a good appearance leads to a more positive appearance and thus to improved sexuality. For some women, discoloured labia actually lead to shamefaced sexual intercourse.

Improved hygiene feeling: A dark skin ring, especially around the anus, is perceived by many as unhygienic and only anal bleaching or penis bleaching can help to a cleaner feeling.

If a brightened intimate area results in good sex, then it makes sense to continue to deal with the subject in the following.


How can the sensitive intimate area be lightened?

Please keep your fingers away from tips such as lemon juice tincture, chlorine almond cream, because the intimate flora is very sensitive. No one is helped if the vagina is lightened, but the woman can no longer walk in pain or the penis is brightly lit, but not in a positive sense.

WARNING! That's why you should keep your fingers off many household remedies?

Lighten intimate areas with lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide? Please do not! The vaginal flora is a very ingenious system, in whose environment as little interference as possible should be taken, so that important functions to maintain health are not disturbed.

TIP: It is recommended to try a bleaching cream specially developed for intimate bleaching. The ingredients of the EROpharm bright'n'white Whitening Cream are specially designed for genital bleaching.

If you want to lighten nipples, anus and vagina, you should always use a dermatologically tested bleaching cream especially for the genital area.

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What does intimate bleaching cost?

There is an expensive alternative: laser treatment by a doctor. Costs approx. 400 € with recommended repetition 800 €. Affordable and easy to use: the already recommended bleaching cream for the genital area. Costs approx. 16 € 

Even if you secretly hope so, the health insurance does not cover the purely aesthetic treatment!


How does the laser method work with genital bleaching?

The treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis with a so-called IPL device. The IPL laser destroys the melanin by light impulses. Skin irritations can occur afterwards, but in principle you can take a shower the next day. The treatment itself is described by many as almost painless.

Advantage: quick success

Disadvantage: expensive and not anonymous

IMPORTANT: It is essential to consult an experienced gynaecologist or dermatologist!!
Become clairaudient with favorable offers! Unprofessional procedures can lead to burns and scarring and then things will look worse than before.


How does a treatment with Bleaching Cream work in the genital area?

A bleaching cream for the intimate area is applied twice a day until a whitening effect occurs after approx. 8 to 12 weeks. If you want to be beautiful, you have to be persistent in this case. But simply applied daily shortly after showering in the morning and going to bed in the evening before, it is not particularly much effort. Once the desired lightening has been achieved, the bleaching cream can be reused at longer intervals to preserve the beautiful light skin tone.

The active ingredient Hexylresorcinol contained in the intimate bleaching cream blocks the key enzyme of melanin synthesis and pigmentation is prevented. And the nice side effect is that the active ingredient also has an anti-aging effect.

So vaginal bleaching and anti-aging in one!

Advantage: absolutely painless and inexpensive. You can use it alone at home. Anti-aging effect

Disadvantage: you have to be a little persevering


How often must intimate bleaching be repeated?

This is very personality dependent. We have learned that the skin colour is determined by melanin, which in turn is hormonally controlled. An initial pigmentation and also the current hormonal status determine the skin colour. The genetic predisposition therefore determines to a certain extent how often someone has to become active.



Whether or not it is necessary to bleach the intimate area must be decided by each individual. Of course, a light vagina and a penis that does not stand out in the dark look aesthetic, but it remains to be seen whether this will lead to a completely new "I".

We love all facets of the body! And maybe at some point the Kardashians will propagate that they love to be like God created them and then we will love all hairy and dark intimate zones again?