Anal enriches also your love life!

In order to be able to enjoy the " anal " game, we recommend that you don't just get started. A certain amount of preparation is definitely helpful. For a carefree anal adventure, you should follow these tips.


Your own hygiene

You can simply relax better if you have the feeling that the inside of your body is clean. With an extensive shower and anal cleansing the first own foreplay ritual can already begin. The AQUAstick Intimate Douche Attachment can simply be exchanged for the normal shower head and then inserted to thoroughly rinse the inner anal area. Which, as already mentioned, can lead to tingling first stimulations.



The most important thing during anal sex is relaxation, because if the muscles are not completely relaxed, pain can quickly ruin the lovemaking. Relaxation can be achieved by a light anaesthetic effect with a Relax Spray. The easyANAL Relax-Spray has a long-lasting relaxing effect and also forms a pleasant lubricating film on the rear intimate zone.


Alternatives for preparation

Special anal toys are excellent for gently accustoming the anal zone to something penetrating. Straight toys with light vibration relax the muscles. The Joystick Booster Pro,for example, has a small diameter and a vibration that can be regulated according to your needs. Perfect for a successful foreplay.


Runs like clockwork

The anal area does not have a natural lubrication, so it is very important to use a lube. You can use silicone-based lubricant such as SLICK'N'SLIDE in the practical pump dispenser or special water-based anal lubricants such as AQUAglide anal or BIOglide anal.


The protection during anal sex

Unfortunately, there are bacteria in the anus that neither the penis nor the vagina particularly likes. We therefore recommend the use of condoms, so that you don't have to worry about nasty infections afterwards. 
Very important: Never switch from anal to vaginal without protection, because the vaginal flora reacts very sensitively.


The best position

The classic is probably the puppy position, as the buttocks open automatically. But be careful - this way man can penetrate particularly deeply, which could lead to pain. But there are also positions where the woman can determine the tempo and intensity, for example where the man lies down and the woman sits on the best piece. But also the spooning position is well suited so that the man does not act too hard in the heat of the moment.


And then?

Talk about the experience. When making new sexual experiments, it is important to find out what was good, what was possibly unpleasant and how can you avoid unpleasant things. 
Oh, and by the way, heterosexual men should also try anal sex. You can find out more in the guide "Prostate massage for men - Stimulate the male G-spot“.