Not quite everyday lube tips and tricks

Some say lube is a must, others say spit is enough!

We firmly believe that lubricants add that certain something to sex.

To make it even better, we have a few tips for you to extend the fun.


Tip 1) Slightly warmed up lube is particularly pleasant, because this way the sensitive erogenous zones are not frightened off with cold gel. Before making love, simply place it on the radiator or in the sun (depending on the season).

Tip 2) Should a water-based lubricant become too dry in between, it can be reactivated with a few drops of water. It is completely normal for a water-based lube to evaporate the water it contains quickly.

Tip 3) So that you can enjoy your lubricant for a long time, do not wipe the drop off the tube with your finger! This could cause impurities to get into the tube and reduce its shelf life. It is best to have a piece of kitchen roll ready when you use it and wipe off any leftovers if necessary. Or you can simply use "AQUAglide lube in pump dispenser".

Tip 4) The precious gel runs out in the tube, then place it a little longer on the lid so that the contents run in the direction of the opening. If even then nothing more comes out, you can also cut the tube open in the middle and take out the rest by hand. This is not only cost-saving, but also protects the environment, because time and again, not to be underestimated residues are disposed of in tubes.

Tip 5) You can also use your lube for a massage. Yes, you can also use lubricants for other purposes and spoil your partner, e.g. for your back. However, silicone-based lube such as SLICK'N'SLIDE are better suited for this.

Oh, this also results in tip 6), becauseSLICK'N'SLIDE can also be used perfectly in the shower and in the bathtub. So off to the shower with your partner and try something new.