Using lube correctly

Did you know that massage oils, lube or even some silicone lubricants can destroy condoms or sex toys? We'll explain the 5 Golden Lubricant Rules.


Rule No. 1: Make sure you use the right lube!!

What millions of lovers have already tested cannot be bad. Please heed our recommendations, because a sticky chemical leg in bed is certainly not good for your libido. Fun is guaranteed by AQUAglide, the best-known and most popular lube for 20 years.


Rule no. 2: Take the advice of the professionals to heart.

Water-based lube such as AQUAglide or BIOglide are often used in bulk packs in the "commercial sector" and in swingers' clubs. Why? These lubricants are water-based, odourless and can be easily removed with a shower or washcloth. A big advantage: They leave no stains such as silicone-based lubricating oils. Important: These lubricants are absolutely safe to use with condoms!


Rule No. 3: Massage oils, Vaseline or creams are not recommended as a lube substitute.

Massage oils are intended for massage and Vaseline or creams care for the skin. Please do not use as a lubricant substitute during sexual intercourse: On the one hand, they cannot compete with "real" lube in terms of gliding feeling and on the other hand, these alternatives can make condoms porous and permeable. A nasty surprise that nobody wants to experience!

BIOglide neutral 150 ml

Rule no. 4: Chemical ingredients can cause irritation.

If you want to be on the safe side, pay particular attention to the compatibility of a lubricant. The vegan lube BIOglide consists to 100% of natural ingredients, a lubricant which is awarded with the rating "very good" by ÖKO TEST and comes very close to the natural vaginal moisture. Considering that every 4th to 5th woman has problems with sufficient vaginal moisture (study of the National Opinion Research Center with 3432 respondents), the bio lube makes sex very pleasant, relaxed and above all painless.


Rule No. 5: No silicone for sex toys!

Sextoys are often made of silicone. In order to "play" with them extensively, you should never use a silicone lubricant, because these can attack the surface and make the toys unusable. So, with toys you are always right with water-based lube.


After you have heeded all the rules, we would like to give you a little tip to sweeten your love life.

Delicacies are a nice change. To sweeten your partner's oral love, there are also water-based lubricants with taste. From vanilla to strawberryraspberry or cherry, there is something for everyone. There is certainly no invitation to the taste test refused.