Loveballs after pregnancy

Congratulations, you have just become a proud mother! Or you are planning a pregnancy or are already in the middle of it?

Topics such as postpartum recovery and pelvic floor training should not be forgotten.


Why do women have pelvic floor weakness after pregnancy?

The pelvic floor is the birth organ that does a lot of work in 9 months. It must hold the unborn child and is exposed to extreme stretching during birth. No wonder that the pelvic floor is affected.


What are the functions of the pelvic floor muscles?

  1. The pelvic floor supports and secures the internal organs
  2. It controls the opening and closing during stooling
  3. It supports correct posture and protects the spine
  4. It has a sexual function, pulsates during intercourse and relaxes after orgasm. In addition, a good musculature constricts the vagina


Why do loveballs help in case of weakness of the pelvic floor after pregnancy?

Conventional pelvic floor training can be very effectively supported with the use of ben wa balls. Pelvic floor training with ben wa balls  makes everyday training easier and you can even combine brushing your teeth with training.

Should you have any concerns, many of your questions will certainly be answered here.

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Tips for a pelvic floor-friendly everyday life during and after pregnancy

  1. Relieve the pelvic floor whenever possible. In bed, for example, put your legs up with a wedge pillow.
  2. Go to the toilet as often as possible so that a full bladder does not put additional strain on the pelvic floor.
  3. Wear loose clothing. The pelvic floor is directly connected to the abdominal muscles and should not be constricted by tight pants.
  4. Stand upright and put equal weight on your feet, hip-wide.
  5. Avoid any additional carrying and weight lifting.
  6. Notice your pelvic floor and try to tense it internally and let it go again. This also works great with ben wa balls after pregnancy.


What should you look for when buying kegel balls?

In our guide article „What are ben wa balls? Sextoy or medical aid - we enlighten!“ we provide you with helpful information on the subject. If questions are not answered, you are welcome to send us an email to