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The tampon string just annoys you? With this period product this is now passé!

The tampon - it is our eternal companion. At least in the time between the first and the last period of our life. Even if we switch to other products from time to time during our existence as a woman, we know them all inside out - and so does he. A brief history lesson: As early as the 5th century, the Greek physician Hippocrates developed a kind of tampon consisting of a piece of wood wrapped in fabric. Hmm... Comfort sounds different, haha.…

Amorelie - Sensuality and sex during the period

Sex during your period is a natural, healthy and great thing with many benefits for body and soul! Nevertheless, many women and men feel insecure about it. The AMORELIE Sex Report 2019 found that more than a third (37%) of women find sex during their periods unhygienic. Although the topic is being treated in an increasingly relaxed manner, according to the survey only 16% have vaginal sex during their periods. But what is actually stopping us?…

cosmopolitan - Soft-Tampons: Orgasms during your period? Treat yourself!

#supporther is a motto and a movement. We celebrate a female future in which women support each other. Sex during menstruation is a big taboo for many. But there are good reasons for orgasms! 

Women perceive their periods very differently. Many of them are plagued by PMS symptoms before they even start. They feel physically and mentally uncomfortable and then stock up on chocolate and other snacks to get through the days somehow. Others enjoy…

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