Familie.de - Soft Tampons: How to use them

With discreet tampons without a return string, women should feel freer and more comfortable during their periods. How soft tampons work and which activities supposedly make them more comfortable.

Whether swimming, having sex or going to the sauna, some women simply feel restricted and uncomfortable with certain activities during their periods. This is a great pity, after all, some women experience a higher energy level and increased desire, especially during their periods. In order to be able to take full advantage of these without reduced well-being, it is recommended to wear soft tampons. In contrast to bandages or ordinary tampons, they should be more comfortable to wear and more discreet. Because the soft tampon has no telltale ribbon that can cheat its way out of a swimsuit while swimming or attract attention in the sauna. You can read about the other advantages of soft tampons and how to use them correctly here.


What is a soft tampon?
Soft tampons are small sponges made of environmentally friendly foam, usually in the shape of a heart. Unlike ordinary tampons, Soft Tampons do not have a retrieval band, which makes them very discreet. Also, ordinary tampons are often associated with toxic shock syndrome (TSS), which cannot occur with soft tampons due to their allergy-friendly material, which does not contain any chemical substances. Due to its heart shape, the soft sponge should ideally adapt to the female anatomy and offer a maximum of up to eight hours of protection. After the wearing period, they can be removed again with one finger through an integrated tab. They are then disposed of.

How is a Soft Tampon used?
As with the insertion of a normal tampon, hygiene conditions are crucial. It is therefore essential to wash your hands thoroughly before using the Soft Tampon. You have to find the optimal position for inserting the tampon yourself, but often this position is squatting or while you are sitting on the toilet. Press the sponge briefly between thumb and index finger to make it easier to insert. Then insert your index finger into the hollow between the two wings and gently insert the soft tampon. If you like, you can also push it into your vagina with your thumb and forefinger. The menstrual sponge fits perfectly when it clings to the cervix. If you have problems inserting it, you can moisten the Soft Tampon a little with clear water beforehand. Afterwards, make sure to squeeze it out so that the full absorbency is maintained.

How to remove a soft tampon?
The Soft Tampon is easy to remove even without a retrieval band. There are two ways to do this: Firstly, you can easily remove the soft tampon by using your thumb and index finger. This works best in the wide-legged squat and then when the Soft Tampon is soaked. On the other hand you can also pull out the Soft Tampon with your index finger. For this purpose, the sponge has an integrated grip tab that you can grip with one finger. This may require a little practice at first.

Sex with the Soft Tampon
Sex during your period? This is where minds part. While it is perfectly normal for many women to have sexual intercourse during their period, others feel totally uncomfortable at the thought of it. Soft tampons are a great aid to be able to enjoy the often increased pleasure during menstruation to the full. In contrast to normal tampons, they can remain in the vagina during sex. The shape and the soft material do not let your partner feel anything from the tampon, at the same time the Soft Tampon prevents menstrual blood from leaking. The tampon should be removed after sex.

Swimming with the Soft-Tampon
The Soft Tampon also offers some advantages when swimming: It is inserted completely into the vagina and then closed by the labia, so that it cannot fill up with water. Furthermore, there's no telltale pull-back string hanging out of your swim trunks (which by the way is no reason for shame at all, after all, half of all pool visitors bleed regularly, which is still unpleasant for some women). After swimming you should change the tampon.

Soft tampon does not come out?
Shouldn't happen, but especially when you use the soft tampon for the first time, it can be quite a mess: The tampon just won't come out. Maybe it has slipped a little during sex and is in an unfavourable position. It is important in such moments that you take a deep breath and do not panic. A relaxed body finds it easier to let go of the tampon than a cramped one. Crouch down and try to press firmly, just like when going to the toilet. This will push the tampon forward and you can grab it with thumb and index finger and pull it out. If this does not work, wait a little longer. Then the tampon might not be completely soaked. If it is full, it can be removed much easier, you may know this from normal tampons.

Soft tampons: price and buying options
You can buy soft tampons in drugstores and in the pharmacy. And this is where the decisive disadvantage emerges: the price. If a 60 pack of ordinary tampons costs between 2.50 € and 4 € in the drugstore, the 50 pack of Soft Tampons * is priced at around 20 € (e.g. from Joydivision via Amazon).*

Nevertheless, soft tampons offer some advantages. If you would like to try them out first, you can also get a pack of 10 tampons for testing for about 10 € * (e.g. from Joydivision via Amazon).*