AQUAglide Vanilla - produced under DIN EN ISO 13485 - was selected as a reference product by the independent institute Dermatest

Original AQUAglide is known as Europe's popular lubricant gel brand. With AQUAglide, long-time users associate, crystal clear, pleasantly sensitive and extremely skin-friendly quality. Top seller AQUAglide Vanilla was currently selected as a reference product by Dermatest. In addition, the production is subject to the professional quality management DIN EN ISO 13485 which underlines the excellent product quality and sets JOYDIVISION apart from all competitors who only produce lubricants according to the low GMP standard.

When it comes to the most sensitive parts of the body, it is important that customers know which products are dermatologically tested and safe. Certificates, such as those from Dermatest as an independent institute and the DIN EN ISO 13485 standard, help to assess the safety of products. The entire AQUAglide line has met the test requirements for many years, and now AQUAglide Vanilla has also been selected as a reference product. More information can be found here:

The vanilla flavored lubricant is perfect for extra long lovemaking. The long-term gliding properties of the high-quality gel ensure optimal moisture during intimate intercourse and users even report a "feeling and taste in a class of its own". The consistency of AQUAglide, which is adapted to the needs of customers, convinces with easy and safe handling. And if something should go wrong, no problem, AQUAglide leaves no stai

The bestseller manufactured in Germany is water-soluble, fat-free and suitable for condoms. The competence of the institute Dermatest guarantee a high skin-friendliness. AQUAglide is particularly suitable for sensitive persons.

The vanilla AQUAglide is in taste-intensive formulation for oral intercourse the first choice. For those who prefer a different flavor, AQUAglide is also available in strawberry, cherry, exotic and raspberry.

AQUAglide is available in a wide variety of packaging units to meet different usage requirements: from single portion packs for on-the-go use to bulk packaging containing one liter and in convenient pump dispensers.

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