BIOglide has been the only CO2-free lubricant for years

Love for the environment

Making love with BIOglide means making a small contribution to climate protection, because conscious consumer culture can also be lived in the most beautiful secondary matter in the world. JOYDIVISION international AG from Hanover therefore consciously focuses on climate-friendly production in Germany.

Sustainable action and voluntary commitment to climate protection cannot always be taken for granted! For JOYDIVISION it is! BIOglide gives a piece of habitat back to nature! Unfortunately, CO2 emissions cannot be completely avoided in the production of the natural lubricant, but the carbon dioxide emissions released are compensated for by the Sumatra Merang Peat Bog Project in Indonesia. Unavoidable CO2 emissions for production and transport are offset by the climate protection project. The Sumatra Merang Peat Bog Project works to restore peat swamp forest in the Merang region of Indonesia. The project protects an area more than 3.5 times the size of Manhattan. The corridor is one of the largest and deepest peatlands in South Sumatra and is home to high biodiversity, including a variety of critically endangered and endangered species. It is one of the last remaining peatlands saved from conversion in the South Sumatra region. Over the past 30 years, logging, illegal logging and the expansion of commercial agriculture have disrupted the water balance and driven the degradation of the peatland, making it more vulnerable to fire. Communities in nearby settlements benefit from improved access to health care, new employment opportunities and opportunities for further education through income-generating activities.

In love, as with BIO products, the very highest standards apply. The natural and vegan BIOglide provides gentle support for vaginal moisture and relieves intimate discomfort. Nothing stands in the way of carefree and climate-friendly sexuality.