NEW: AQUAglide Intimate Shaving & Aftershave Cream for HER and HIM

First 2in1 shaving product for the intimate area

Everyone knows irritated skin after shaving. Now reddened skin is a thing of the past, especially in the intimate area, despite pre- and post-shave products. The sensitive AQUAglide Intimate Shaving & Aftershave Cream from JOYDIVISION ensures a gentle shave result thanks to the latest antibacterial active ingredients and a particularly gentle formula. The anti-irritation complex of panthenol, liquorice extract and bisabolol calms the skin in the genital area, hyaluronic acid provides moisture and AQUAglide supports natural skin regeneration.

AQUAglide Intimate Shaving & Aftershave Cream nourishes and soothes during and after shaving. If the cream is foamed with a little shower gel, the razor glides gently over the skin and then applies pure to produce a double soothing effect. The unique moisturising AQUAglide combination product replaces shaving foam and aftershave product and is also suitable for whole-body use. In addition, the AQUAglide Intim Shaving & Aftershave Cream contains a deodorant that prevents the proliferation of bacteria that cause odours.

The "combination product", manufactured in Germany and dermatologically tested, is available in a white 125 ml bottle with a practical dispenser pump, making it easy to dose.

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