SLICK'N'SLIDE ultra-long-term sliding fluid - Now available in pump dispenser

SLICK'N'SLIDE – the glide fluid with the optimum combination of medically tested skin compatibility and ultra-long glide is now available in a practical bottle with pump dispenser. The extremely high-yield fluid provides extensive sliding pleasure during vaginal and anal intercourse and is also ideal for body massages. The silicone-based glide fluid can even be used for varied intercourse in the bathtub or under the shower, and that in simple one-handed operation. SLICK'N'SLIDE is the only sliding fluid in the pump dispenser and 3D effect. With this new feature, lovers can be sure that they always have the right lubricating fluid in their hands.

The experts from JOYDIVISION in Hanover give the sliding wonder even more valuable properties. The special gel refines not only vaginal and anal intercourse but also every massage. Tender touches during foreplay, hot acts of love and invigorating relaxation massages are supported by the versatile SLICK'N'SLIDE through long-lasting gliding. Economical people are pleased about the low consumption.

The oil and fat-free SLICK'N'SLIDE is suitable for condoms and is free of preservatives. High-quality ingredients, clinical and dermatological tests and the seal "Made with Love in Germany" promise smooth love pleasure.

The product is also available as before in the handy 20 ml (practical for on the go) and now in the 100 ml bottle with pump dispenser.