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eroFame Update 2022

Interview with Kim Grundstedt

QMS & Regulatory Affairs

with Karoline Gehrke

Soft-Tampons FAQ

with Angela Mohlfeld

Lubricants FAQ

with Angela Mohlfeld

Content Marketing

with JOYDIVISION Angela Mohlfeld

FAQ Joyballs & Pelvic floor

Angela Mohlfeld

Female lubrication questions

Interview with Dr. Valk

Questions about pelvic floor training

Interview with Dr. Valk

The JOYDIVISION experts are ready for you

Joachim Schultz



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Angela Mohlfeld
Public Relations

everything about press and
Product presentation

Tel.: +49 (0)511/67 99 666-32

Anastasia Woiwod


Tel.: +49 (0)511/67 99 666-26

Mahmoud Abdellah


Tel.: +49 (0)511/67 99 666-25

Artu Kobalia


Tel.: +49 (0)511/67 99 666-28

Top sellers now available in 360 degrees

The following lifestyle brand articles are available in 360 degrees:

  • AQUAglide – Europe's most popular lubricant brand (in the erotic market)
  • BIOglide – The world's first 100% natural and only CO2-free lubricant gel
  • WARMup – The massage liquid with heat effect in food quality
    Soft-Tampons – The stringless tampons for Sport, Swim, Spa & Love
  • Other products will follow.

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