Loveplay with more opportunities

Whatever you want to do during love play – do it and treat yourself to an extra drop of moisture so you glide from climax to climax. Vaginal, oral, anal or for massage, alone or together: 

With JOYDIVISION lube you get another player at your side during love play, who opens you for all facets of love and lets you discover new desires.

For all those who have a lot in mind and want to get high – and who also attach importance to quality.

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► pH-optimized
► great variety of flavours
► long-term gliding properties
► dermatologically tested
► latexcondom compatible


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The Lubricant Guide

What to use lubricant for?

Whenever there is a lack of moisture during love play, lubricant can help. JOYDIVSION lubricant is inspired by the female vaginal secretion and makes you wet when the vagina is dry. So nothing hurts you, it just slides well. The same effect brings the sex gel with manual stimulation. During anal intercourse, an anal lubricant from JOYDIVISION allows the penis to penetrate painlessly into the anus. Even lovers of oral games know how to start with a lubricant of all kinds, especially when the gel ignites a taste explosion. If you're having fun with your sex toys, the lubricant will give you the extra kick. And even a massage makes a gliding gel a sensual pleasure.

When should I use lubricant?

If the vagina does not get really wet during sex, the pleasure can quickly become unpleasant. There are many reasons for vaginal dryness. It is often hormonal, for example after a birth, at a certain point in the cycle or after the menopause. Some women just don't get enough moisture despite being aroused. But there are lubricants for this. And to really relax during anal sex and then enjoy it, extra moisture is a must anyway. On top of that, JOYDIVISION lubricant will increase your desire – the best base for stimulating moments!

Which lubricant to buy?

Lubes are used in places where you normally don't let everyone get close. Therefore pay attention to quality if you want to buy lubricants. All JOYDIVSION lubricants with or without taste are made with Love in Germany. So you can be sure that all gliding products meet your high quality requirements. All gels are even certified as medical products and many offer you food quality.

JOYDIVISION AQUAglide Gleitgel Produktfamilie

Lubricant – which base?

There are silicone, oil and water-based lubricants which each have their own advantages and disadvantages for your love life. The oil version is ideal for all anal varieties because it allows continuous gliding. However, lubricants based on grease do not tolerate condoms at all.

Why water-based lubricants?

Our most popular lubricants BIOglide and AQUAglide are waterbased. Water-based lubricants mix with the vaginal fluid and provide excellent gliding properties during vaginal intercourse. In addition, the gel leaves no annoying stains on bed linen, sofa and elsewhere. Such a lubricant is also the best choice for use with silicone toys because the products do not attack the surface. If you use a vibrator or enjoy the JOYDIVSION Lovetoys, you are making the right choice.

Why silicone-based lubricants?

Silicone-based lubricating gel promises the best lubricating properties. Especially during anal sex silicone based products will heat you up. Silicone-based gels are also very suitable for getting you in the right mood with a massage. Be careful when using condoms. Not every silicone product is compatible with latex condoms. If you want to have fun with silicone toys, don't use silicone-based lubricants because they can easily damage your toys. The stains left by the silicone gel require careful handling.

Why lubricant with taste?

When eating you surely love variety – why not try something new in love again and again? Be it the Joyballs love balls or the gliding moisture with taste! This is how you experience the oral pleasures differently again and again. JOYDIVSION lubricants offer you a stimulating variety of tastes.

 JOYDIVISION Mann & Frau mit Erdbeere Gleitgel mit Geschmack JOYDIVISION BIOglide Gleitgel mit Geschmack

Which lubricant with condoms?

If you protect yourself during sex with condoms, you must make sure that they are compatible with your lubricant. A water-based sex gel is perfect for this. Silicone products and lubricants make condoms porous and often tear them. It is important that the gel is proven to be condom compatible. Here you are on the safe side with a JOYDIVISION lubricant for your health!

Where to apply lubricant?

Apply the lubricant where you need it! As a woman you can spread it on the labia or at the vaginal entrance. For men, it belongs of course on the penis, preferably on the tip. If you use condoms, don't put it between the penis and the condom at all, because otherwise your contraception will slip away. Instead, put the gel on the outside of the condom.

How much lubricant to apply?

Here, as so often in love, it depends entirely on your personal preferences. It is best to start with a drop and slowly try to find out the right amount. Relubrication is always possible anyway. But keep in mind that JOYDIVISION lubricants are extremely economical!

Why is lubricant not vegan?

Who said anything like that? In order to let you glide away in love – depending on your movements gently or wildly – lubricating gel usually contains glycerine, which is predominantly obtained from animal fats. JOYDIVISION uses exclusively vegetarian glycerine for all its lubricants. As a completely vegan JOYDIVISION lubricant, we can warmly recommend our BIOglide, which contains no animal ingredients and lets you love naturally.