Amorelie - Sensuality and sex during the period

Sex during your period is a natural, healthy and great thing with many benefits for body and soul! Nevertheless, many women and men feel insecure about it. The AMORELIE Sex Report 2019 found that more than a third (37%) of women find sex during their periods unhygienic. Although the topic is being treated in an increasingly relaxed manner, according to the survey only 16% have vaginal sex during their periods. But what is actually stopping us? Here you can get the best tips for sensual moments and how to have a good time - despite cramps and PMS.

Dealing with sex during the period

❤️ Be confident: Menstruation is a natural process and is neither dirty nor disgusting. Sex during your period is not unusual, unhygienic or unsafe. You never need to be ashamed or sorry for your body.

❤️ Be open: If you want to have sex during your days, you should talk about it with your partner beforehand. Even a "no" must be accepted. It would be a pity if the most beautiful trivial thing in the world became an (unpleasant) surprise and the reaction hurt your feelings.

❤️ Be inventive: Sex is not equal to penetration. There are many other beautiful forms of sexual play that can bring pleasure to both partners. Take the opportunity to try something new - let's go!

Tips for sensuality on all days

The period is something wonderful - in the true sense of the word. Because the female body prepares for a small miracle every month until menopause. Just like body temperature and heartbeat, the entire menstrual cycle is a sign of health.

Every woman feels her period and the individual days of her period differently. Some feel no change at all - neither mentally nor physically. Other women feel proud or relieved that their periods have started. Still others feel that their periods are a burden and have to deal with all kinds of complaints month after month. No matter how you are feeling right now, we will explain to you how you can feel good and love yourself every day of your days.

1. Before the period

As the oestrogen level drops but the hormone progesterone increases, mood swings often occur in this phase. Skin deterioration and water retention can also occur. About one in two women suffers from physical and/or emotional problems related to the menstrual cycle - called premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The symptoms (sensitive breasts, listlessness, cravings, migraines, etc.) appear 4 to 14 days before the onset of the period. Often women now feel a need for rest and comfort. Make these special days more pleasant for yourself by doing something good for yourself, e.g. walks in the fresh air or wellness at home!

Tip: Massage candles give off a pleasant scent in the room. After lighting the candle, the wax turns into oil, which is ideal for a relaxing massage. Thanks to the pleasant warmth of the wax, the muscles are relaxed. Treat yourself to a relaxing time out by massaging your lower back or stomach with circular movements or ask your partner*in to pamper you with soothing caresses.

2. Strong days & cramps

The PMS symptoms slowly subside and menstruation sets in. The bleeding is strongest at the beginning of the period. Sexual intercourse is not a big wish for many women on these days. If you still want to experience intense climaxes, clitoral stimulation through oral sex or lay-on vibrators, such as the Womanizer Premium or Yva from Svara, is suitable. The toys are simply placed on the vulva instead of being inserted vaginally. Tampons can simply stay in place and you can sit back and enjoy.

Many women experience unpleasant abdominal cramps and back pain during the first days of menstruation due to the contraction of the uterine muscles. The best remedy is exercise and warmth. A warm bath or hot water bottle is not only good for your own well-being, it also helps to ease the cramps. A visit to the sauna (e.g. with threadless and 100% discreet soft tampons) can work wonders. Sex also relaxes the body and can relieve cramps and tension.

3. The libido during the period

Many women feel an increased desire for sex during their periods. This is due to the fact that the hormone level rises sharply again in the course of menstruation and the tissue in the female intimate region is very well supplied with blood during menstruation. This can lead to increased sensitivity and even better sex with intense orgasms. From a medical point of view, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sex during menstruation. If you and your partner* feel like it, then it is of course no problem at all - and can even be a very sensual and particularly intimate experience.

Benefits of sex during your period 

❤️ Period pains, adieu! Sex can relieve cramps and relax the abdomen
❤️ Orgasms release the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which inhibits pain
❤️ Thanks to mother nature Periodensex is extra slippery - you save the lubricant
❤️ The period is shortened, because sex promotes the repulsion of the blood - yeah!

A little blood...

Don't worry: A woman loses only 30 to 70 millilitres of blood per period - about half a coffee cup. Fears of blood baths like in Slatter films are absolutely unfounded. Menstrual blood is also neither unhygienic nor dirty or dangerous for men and women. However, if you or your partner want to avoid contact with the liquid, condoms are the solution! In any case, you should also think about contraception during your period, because a woman can also become pregnant during her period!

Sexpert Paula Lambert is totally relaxed about sex during menstruation. She herself and many of her friends enjoy it very much. She explains why it is nevertheless an obstacle for some people:

"My impression has always been that it scares men when the penis comes out and then suddenly looks like someone put it in the blender. It's more a psychological problem than actual disgust."

Find out what she advises couples who are unsure and other helpful tips in the AMORELIE Podcast.

Soft tampons are also a good alternative. The small threadless sponges catch the menstrual blood safely inside and can be worn unnoticed during sexual intercourse. They differ from conventional tampons mainly in that they do not have a return string. They have been specially designed for sex during menstruation. And because they are completely invisible, they are also ideal for sports activities in general.

Sex positions for sex during the period

Spoon position

This position is particularly suitable if you have cramps. Cuddle up to your partner as a small spoon with your lap backwards. You can simply lie comfortably and safely and enjoy his movements.

The right angle

If you want to be absolutely sure that no or as little blood as possible is leaking, this position is ideal! You can lie relaxed on your back and keep your legs closed while he can penetrate and move inside you.