Health trends - How do Soft-Tampons work?

How do Soft Tampons work?

The pink sponges provide a high wearing comfort and unlimited fun.

They come once a month, last on average four to five days and usually cause pain - the "days". The majority of girls and women feel uncomfortable and suffer from PMS in the week before they start menstruating.

Once the bleeding has finally stopped, many women feel restricted and uncomfortable in their leisure activities. Soft tampons are said to help women feel comfortable despite their periods.

Lack of supply of hygiene products

Many women feel deprived of their freedom during their period. Sex during this time is unthinkable for many, although it is precisely then that the feeling of pleasure is increased. And a visit to the swimming pool or even the sauna? No way! One reason for this, apart from physical discomfort, is the moderate choice of hygiene products.

  • Menstrual cup: Many women fear that the cup could leak and not sit securely. In addition, the inhibition threshold to insert the cup is high.
  • Conventional tampons: The light green retrieval string "unmasks" in the swimming pool or during sports.
  • Bandages: With the bandage swimming is not possible at all and the wearing comfort is, well, modest.


Soft tampons for more wearing comfort

Soft Tampons can be the solution to all these problems:

  • Soft tampons are pink sponges made of foam and basically work like normal tampons, but they do not have a string to remove them, but a grip tab.
  • Thus the tampon can be worn discreetly.
  • Due to the flexible material they adapt to the body shape.
  • The tampons are offered in the sizes "mini" and "normal" - you should not be put off by the original size.
  • Unlike conventional tampons, they are already inserted in their actual size and do not swell up when they become soaked with blood.
  • The wearing time is between three and eight hours.
  • Soft tampons can be worn without hesitation, especially during sexual intercourse. If the tampon is inserted deep enough, directly in front of the cervix, it is hardly noticeable to the partner.


That sounds great - doesn't it?

The soft tampons are discreet and handling is less complicated than for example the menstrual cup. And nothing stands in the way of your love life. Even women who are concerned about whether the tampon can be removed because of the lack of a return string need not worry: if removal is difficult, it can be repaired under pressure in the squatting position.

But a drop of bitterness remains: The absorbency of soft tampons is about 9 grams, which corresponds to the absorbency of "mini" or "normal". For women with heavy menstrual periods, the absorbency is not sufficient for normal wearing time.