Vegan lubricants and condoms: products to love

How does green sex and green contraception work? We're not talking about outdoor sex... but vegan gels, organic lubricants and condoms made organically and without animal testing. For the desire for love - without a guilty conscience!

Sex and contraception without a guilty conscience? These vegan gels, organic lubricants and condoms produced organically and animal-tested make you want to love - without a guilty conscience!

100% vegan and without synthetic fragrances, colourings and preservatives the lubricant BIOglide has always been. Now it received as the first of its kind the seal of quality from the German Federal Association of the industrial and commercial enterprises for medicaments, reform goods, food supplements and cosmetic means registered association. Decisive for BIOglide was especially its low CO2 production in Germany. Not avoidable emissions for production and transport are also compensated by a reforestation project in Bolivia.

Available in different flavours, 40 ml or 150 ml from € 4,85