Active during mentruation? Women do not have to do without!

For its 20th anniversary, the manufacturer of threadless soft tampons asked 170 women in which situations they would enjoy the advantages of special threadless tampons.
Conventional cotton tampons and especially sanitary towels can extremely restrict everyday life. The JOYDIVISION international AG has developed Soft-Tampons to make the "uncomfortable days" as comfortable as possible. Whether in the sauna, during sports or at the most beautiful side event in the world, with Soft-Tampons women experience a new freedom.

Since 1998, millions of women have been able to enjoy their freedom with this lifestyle product. Now 170 women were asked in which situations Soft-Tampons can give them back a piece of freedom. Advantages of the Soft-Tampons compared to the conventional thread tampon are the soft and cuddly material, the low weight and the integrated retraction tab instead of the otherwise annoying thread.

102 of the women interviewed stated that the Soft-Tampons were a perfect alternative when swimming. Due to the lack of thread there is no danger of getting inside with the water, chlorine, bacteria etc.  In addition, embarrassing moments due to the protruding thread are a thing of the past. For this reason, 80 women do not want to do without Soft-Tampons during their visit to the sauna/spa. Wellness and relaxation prevents menstrual problems and with the Soft-Tampons everything remains discreet.

For 97 women the Soft-Tampon is ideal for sporting activities. Active sportswomen complain less about menstrual disorders than women who only rarely do sports. And yet many women refuse to do sport during their menstruation. They find conventional hygiene products disturbing, uncomfortable and unsafe. Comfortably protected, however, nothing stands in the way of sports activities. There is no need to do without sport during the critical days. It is even recommended, because menstrual problems can be alleviated by relaxing the muscles. In order not to be restricted in their freedom of movement by conventional hygiene articles such as bandages and inflexible tampons, the threadless Soft-Tampons are ideal.

According to this survey even 76 women would use the Soft-Tampons during sexual intercourse. Many women have a particularly high desire during their period, but do not use them because of hygiene. For the hygienic aspect, the JOYDIVISION international AG developed the threadless Soft-Tampons together with a gynaecologist 20 years ago, the rest is taken care of by the women, who can indulge themselves in a relaxed manner without having to worry about the bed linen.