JOYDIVISION: Prices remain stable

Brand-name articles also in 2020 despite high demand available at attractive purchase prices

Years of trust in the high-turnover mega sellers such as BIOglide (for over 20 years), Soft-Tampons (for over 20 years), AQUAglide (for over 15 years) are rewarded with stable prices.

One might think that in view of constantly rising energy and raw material prices and exclusive production in Germany, the increased costs are reflected in purchase prices. But there is reason for joy for all commercial trade partners, because JOYDIVISION international AG, lifestyle brand manufacturer for sexual wellness and intimate care articles, will not increase the price of its products, which consist of a range of more than 250 articles.

Through increased sales and organizational optimizations, the general inflation can be absorbed. The premium quality of the JOYDIVISION branded articles produced in Germany naturally remains at the usual high level. JOYDIVISION will continue to focus on the highest quality in development and raw materials in the future.