JOYDIVISION is among the lucky winners of the SIGN Award in 2020. As a well-known manufacturer of the worldwide first and only CO2 neutral lube BIOglide the company has succeeded again this year to stand for excellent quality and production in Germany. The glass proof is among others the SIGN Award for BIOglide as "MOST ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY Range".

The BIOglide products stand for more than 20 years of success and definitely deserve the SIGN AWARD for "MOST ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY Range". Conscious consumer culture can also be lived in the most beautiful secondary matter of the world. JOYDIVISION therefore consciously relies on climate-conscious production in Germany. Unavoidable CO2 emissions for production and transport are offset by a climate protection project. The released carbon dioxide emissions are compensated by the high-quality CO2 climate protection project"SODDO REFORESTATION" in Ethiopia. This not only benefits the climate, but also biodiversity and the local people. The world's only CO2 neutral lube has earned the trust of consumers for over 20 years.

But JOYDIVISION will not rest on its laurels as usual and will constantly optimise the world's first 100% natural and eco-tested lubricant BIOglide, as well as all other products of the company, and continuously adjust it according to the needs, attitudes and wishes of the users.

And the best: With BIOglide consumers do not have to do without anything. Besides the odourless and tasteless version for friends of good taste, the lubricant is available in many different flavours and versions. Further information is available at and the current award as well as other marketing and image material can be downloaded from

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