Love sustainably with BIOglide

JOYDIVISION invests in new climate protection project

It is no secret that people want to consume more and more consciously. The JOYDIVISION international AG recognised this many years ago and is constantly expanding its commitment to environmental protection. The company is currently investing in a new climate protection project.

JOYDIVISION has shown that conscious consumer culture can also be lived in the most beautiful secondary matter in the world. The brand manufacturer has therefore consciously always relied on climate-conscious production in Germany. Unavoidable CO2 emissions for production and transport are offset by a new climate protection project in Ethiopia.

JOYDIVISION is investing in a reforestation project there. In the high mountain region of southern Ethiopia near Mount Damota, new trees are planted in the severely degraded forest, thus achieving a long-term regeneration of the ecosystem.

The project is not only an outstanding example of local co-determination, but also achieves numerous positive effects for biodiversity, climate protection and regional development.

The highest standards apply to love as well as to organic products. The natural and vegan lube BIOglide offers gentle support of vaginal moisture and relieves intimate discomfort. Nothing stands in the way of a carefree, natural and above all environmentally conscious sexuality. The seal "Natural Product - Standard approved by BDiH" which BIOglide as the first medical product may officially carry, gives the consumer security.

BIOglide is 100% natural and pH-optimized. Awarded with the rating "very good" by ÖKO TEST, it has an excellent lubricating effect during intimate intercourse. BIOglide is latex condom compatible, the excellent skin compatibility dermatologically and clinically tested. The Mega-Seller is free of synthetic preservatives (like parabens) and synthetic fragrances.