Soft-Tampons are comparison winners

And millions of women love them!

It is nice to be a woman, but once a month this joy is limited by the female cycle.

To reduce these restrictions to a minimum, the JOYDIVISION international AG - together with gynaecologists - developed the threadless soft tampons, which have been revolutionising women's lives since 1998.

A current test confirms the quality of Soft-Tampons as "comparison winner". tests and compares numerous products and services. Only the best are presented. The tests and comparisons are objective and fact-based. Manufacturers have no influence on the evaluation.

Unlike conventional tampons, Soft-Tampons are not made of viscose or cotton, but of a special soft foam material that is compatible with the mucous membranes.

Soft-Tampons are not only suitable for all everyday activities, but especially for

discreet wearing in the sauna (no thread is visible)
safe carrying while swimming (reduces the risk of infection)
hygienic intimate intercourse as a rule (is not noticeable to the partner)

With the lifestyle product Soft-Tampons, millions of women in many countries have already enjoyed their freedom. The organic design blends in gently with the sensitive female anatomy and makes Soft-Tampons comfortable and intuitive to use.

Dermatological studies prove the excellent compatibility. The Original Soft-Tampons are made of an environmentally friendly material and do not contain any chemical additives, thus excluding internal irritations.

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