JOYDIVISION's "clean'n'safe" is test winner

The toycleaner clean'n'safe from JOYDIVISION was recommended by an independent test portal as "Best Product".

The portal compares selected products with regard to design, functionality and quality. The most important characteristics are bundled and classified according to the complex product characteristics. It is judged independently and the consumer is at the centre.

The formula of clean'n'safe offers scientifically proven, highly effective protection against HIV (AIDS), herpes and chlamydia with specially formulated ingredients.

Despite its mild formula and its alcohol- and perfume-free formula, the original clean'n'safe ensures hygienic safety and care. Harmful organisms and germs such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, including HIV (AIDS), herpes, HBV, HCV, noro- and rotaviruses and chlamydia attach themselves to the collar. After only 60 seconds, clean'n'safe disinfects and protects even sensitive surfaces such as acrylic or polycarbonate glass. clean'n'safe leaves no visible residues, is quickly effective and still very pleasant in odour.

clean'n'safe is thus the perfect toycleaner - suitable for fast, simple and effective express cleaning. Lovetoys belong to the standard repertoire of many households. Vibrators and dildos made of plastic, silicone or latex require special hygiene. Every gynaecologist knows that toys that have not been thoroughly cleaned can cause infections. clean'n'safe, like all JOYDIVDISION products, is manufactured in Germany.