This is how love goes in times of corona quarantine!

For couples, it now means being able or having to spend a lot of time together! This difficult time can have many consequences: break-ups, arguments or hopefully regained closeness, love or newfound sex. We want this time of crisis to be a positive challenge for you and we are collecting tips here to rekindle your love and your sex life.


Tip 1) Introduce love rituals

Inevitably you will spend a lot of time together and this can automatically lead to the other person taking the other for granted. Now it is important to be aware of yourself and to introduce small rituals. For example, every morning after waking up you can take each other in your arms and be happy that the other person exists.


Tip 2) Talk about your fears

Take time to talk about your fears and worries at least once a day. This is the only way you can find out what mood the other person is in. It is not pleasant to reveal your inner self, but this way you do not run the risk of your behaviour being misinterpreted. Talk to each other as early as possible to defuse conflicts and do not wait until the situation escalates.


Tip 3) Also find time for yourself

The time spent together will inevitably lead to conflicts, which can be met with communication and time for oneself. So take a walk alone or retire to another room with a good book. Please don't expect your partner in quarantine to be with you all the time.


Tip 4) Be constructive

Instead of just dealing with current problems, you can become creative as a couple. You could, for example, redesign your home together, try out new recipes or even come up with new things in bed! For example, have you ever given your partner an intimate massage with massage oil? With a tutorial on the internet and AQUAglide 2in1 massage and lubricating gel, the crisis can lead to unforgettable moments and let your sex life blossom anew.


Tip 5) Only then should you avoid sex and closeness

If your partner does not feel well or has typical symptoms of the corona virus, then sex should definitely be avoided – especially if your partner or you yourself have a pre-existing condition that could lead to a severe course of corona disease.

Try to counter the corona quarantine as creatively as possible. The Internet is full of tips on handicrafts, games and sex life. The aim must be to strengthen your couple relationship in times of stress and boredom and to support each other.