Sex with oil: With these tips from the expert it gets even better

Our sex expert Mimi Erhardt thinks that oil can make everything better during sex - if you know how to use it. Here are her most important tips for you

Normally, in this column I try to bring you closer to the world of sex from a female perspective. What particularly excites women, how to lick properly and what you should rather not do. But today I would like to recommend something to you that - I hope - simply turns you on. Or in general all those who like to have sex. Especially sex with women. At this point I am as your divers-sexual confidant (well, it's called pansexual) in matters of love, lust and passion on your side - making out with women is also mine.

Imagine the naked body of your dream woman. She sits astride you, her pelvis circles back and forth, her eyes are closed, she takes what she needs, while her breasts ... well, the rest you can imagine yourself. And complete this detail: The woman is oiled, her skin is shiny and moist, she feels slippery, how she moves on you, while her breasts ...

Woah. Sorry, I've just come three times in my head. Cause yeah, (good) sex is crazy. But sex with oil is just twice as good. I'm not talking about erotic massages that require real effort. I'm talking about the overall erotic experience, a) the look and b) the feel that only an oiled body offers.

Between you and me: I already have a preference for wet women's bodies and dream (so far secretly) of being a juror at a wet T-shirt contest during spring break in Cancún. But since I discovered massage porn years ago, I've had it, and all adult content that takes place in shower stalls is out. Even shower stalls in Cancun.

That's why today's gift to you is this recommendation: Enjoy sex in oil! So that it runs like clockwork (sorry, had to be done, I'll spare you the "It's so slippery!"-sayings), here are some tips from my greasy corner.

The right oil
For me personally the greatest aburner, for many others an aphrodisiac: baby oil. I don't like the smell, but that's the point of contention. Instead, I recommend a visit to the sex shop and a comprehensive consultation. Should it be an oil with fragrance? One that warms or one that tickles the skin pleasantly? Test yourself through the offer before you decide.

If you use condoms, please choose water-based or silicone-based lubricants instead of oil. There are also good and fragrant products that are suitable for massage. Because if latex, whether in condom form or as an article of clothing, comes into contact with fatty substances such as oil or vaseline, these can damage the susceptible material and in the worst case scenario cause it to tear.

If you not only want to oil your partner's breasts, bottom and thighs, but also massage her intimate area with it, lubricant is also preferable to oil, as oil can irritate the skin and disturb the vaginal flora.

Tip from the porn scene: the lubricant "AQUAglide". You do not have to make any compromises with it. Slippery like oil and does well in all sexual situations.

The thing with the stains
One more spoilsport subject first. You guessed it - oil makes nasty stains. Your bed linen should therefore be boilable. If you are a sex professional or at home in the BDSM scene, you will probably smile at the tip with the boilable sheets and think: "But Mrs Erhardt, what are latex sheets for? You're right, of course. But a rubber sheet from the fetish trade can quickly frighten off those who have never had any contact with the material before. My tip, therefore, if the lady is not your long-time partner or the pickup from the local dungeon: go for cotton the first time.

Cover you(rself) in oil
Instead of the lady's body, you can of course also oil yourself. Or at least parts of your body. Your penis, for example. If your partner now massages it with her hands, it will feel crazy. Or how about a footjob? So she stimulates your best part with her feet. With oil still better.

Finally slide over it again!
In this case you may take the sentence literally: Let's assume that you both have had a wonderful time with the oil and are now at least as slippery as a bunch of koi carp. Then rub against each other. Enjoy the feeling of your bodies gliding over and under each other, the sight you get, the sounds, oh, everything. But beware: Do not underestimate the danger of slipping. I was actually knocked out of bed once during such an oil performance.

I keep my fingers crossed that this will not happen to you.