Erotic portal JOYclub recommends XPANDER as a gift tip

Germany's large erotic community JOYclub recommends the Prostate Toys XPANDER as a special Christmas gift tip. The relaxed approach to sexuality is becoming more and more natural and more couples are giving each other unusual sex toys for Christmas.

The JOYclub is a community of and for people who want to live with pleasure. Open-minded members, men, women and couples alike, meet in the portal. In most cases, at least in front of Corona, it is not just virtual contact. They arrange dates, get to know each other better at events or set up social member meetings.

The special thing about JOYclub is that it is a social network that does not taboo topics such as eroticism and individual sexual preferences. On the contrary: With a lot of heart in its community and support work, as well as sophisticated solutions to ensure the safety of its members, JOYclub stylishly lives out its mission in this area.

For a long time anal satisfaction was rather a taboo subject for heterosexual men. But with the XPANDER this has changed. This modern toy supports the stimulation of the male "G-spot", the so-called P-spot, through its special shape. In addition, the XPANDER has been equipped with an innovative, worldwide unique functional principle to facilitate the insertion of the toy. The volume of the XPANDER can be reduced by 50 per cent due to its technical features. This means that the stimulator can be inserted easily and safely. Placed in place, the XPANDER then unfolds its full stimulation size. The XPANDER is available in three different versions. The X2 is aimed at beginners with its size and handling, while the X3 is designed for advanced users. The X4+ rechargeable offers an additional electronic vibration  

As no anal toy should be used without a suitable lubricant, JOYDIVISION recommends the most popular lubricant brand in Europe - AQUAglide. With AQUAglide lube users can rely on over 20 years of quality.

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