Love for the environment with JOYDIVISION

JOYDIVISION takes part in the Glasgow-CO2mmitment

JOYDIVISION international AG from Hanover is now making business travel more climate-friendly. Making love with JOYDIVISION has long meant making a contribution to climate protection, but from now on JOYDIVISION will also become a climate protector with every business trip.

Sustainable action and voluntary commitment to climate protection are not always a matter of course! For JOYDIVISION it is!

"As an entrepreneur, it has always been very important to me to improve our carbon footprint and I am constantly on the lookout for ways to make a contribution to saving CO2," reports Oliver Redschlag, CEO of JOYDIVIVISION international AG.

With the brand products AQUAglide, BIOglide, Soft-Tampons, WARMup and all other products, JOYDIVISION has always made a conscious decision to manufacture in Germany in a climate-friendly way. With BIOglide, JOYDIVISION is even giving a piece of habitat back to nature! Unfortunately, CO2 emissions cannot be completely avoided in the manufacture of the products, but the carbon dioxide emissions released are compensated for by a high-quality CO2climate protection project "Pacajai REDD" in Brazil. The Pacajai project protects almost 150,000 ha of rainforest of high conservation value in the municipality of Portel in the Pará region, Brazil.

The employees of JOYDIVISION international AG are pleased to be able to travel to customers and trade fairs in a relaxed and climate-neutral manner from now on.