Easy orgasm!

Sharing an orgasm together is the highest and most romantic goal for many couples, but of course it shouldn't become a competitive sport. After all, this is about the most beautiful thing in the world. The more cramped a couple "works" on their simultaneous climax, the less the wish becomes reality. Perhaps it is more exciting that each of the two lovers enjoys their own orgasm in order to then "share" the orgasm of the other.


Kisses are real sex boosters!

The stimulation when kissing leads faster to sexual excitement, especially with tongue kisses. A kiss offers more than any other caress between lovers in the exchange of affection and intimacy. The ideal kiss between two people only takes place when each kisser adjusts to the rhythm of the other. One begins timidly with tender kisses in the face, at the ears and on the neck and already an irresistibly erotic tension is built up.


Pimp your pelvic floor muscles!

The more trained your pelvic floor is, the more sensitive it becomes. You can find more about this topic in our guide loveballs during sex = more orgasms


Relax, if possible!

Try to let go of your thoughts and focus only on touching. The here and now is important! Those who only think about the job, the housework etc. will unfortunately never experience a fulfilled orgasm.


Don't forget to breathe!

Oxygen makes the blood flow better and thus stimulates the stimulation. Some people concentrate so tense on getting an orgasm that they hold their breath. Breathe as much as you can and let yourself go.

orgasm curve

Exploring body and soul!

Do you really know what you like? Do you like fantasies, bondage or do you like touching certain parts of your body? If you don't know it, find it out and put aside any shame and tell your partner. Self-love is extremely important for a fulfilled sexuality. Satisfying yourself and knowing exactly what turns you on will make you have more fun in bed. 


Let the lust flow!

The natural love juice is great, but the foreplay is even more intense if you wet the clitoris with a lube before. Lubricant can do more than just helping the natural moisture, it is a kick starter. Try it out. You can find more about this topic in our guide A lubricant for women belongs in every drawer!


To keep the orgasm lasting!

Some men get sleepy after an orgasm and would rather go to sleep by turning to the side. To be polite, they usually don't – and that's a good thing! Because women don't want a cigarette "afterwards" either, but just a few cuddles, physically and verbally. Basically, however, both partners like the fact that they would like to hear or feel a statement or satisfaction from the other. A positive feedback pleases everyone. Couples can express this with words or with looks and kisses! But be careful: This can easily eroticize and soon both find each other again in highest passion.