Is a penis ring dangerous?

The erection ring can do a lot, but the fears seem great. We clarify!

Penis rings, also called cock rings, have a simple principle: The blood is accumulated in the penis/threshold body and the ring prevents the blood from flowing back. The veins are gently squeezed, the penis stays stiff for longer time and increases in hardness and size due to the pressure. 

As a toy, penis rings can increase orgasm, especially when worn around the scrotum.


How is the penis ring used?

It is pulled over the not yet or only slightly erect penis. The ring should first sit loosely and only lie tightly when the blood has flowed into the erectile tissue. If it sits correctly, it prevents the blood from flowing back and ensures a longer and better erection.


Rings can be placed in three places on the best piece:

1. in front of the testicle at the so-called penis root

2. behind the testicle, after it has been pulled over the penis and also the testicles

3. directly behind the glans directly behind the glans.

Each position can have an individual effect, the ring worn around the testicles, for example, can delay and intensify the orgasm. But since each person has very different sensations, make your own picture and test the different positions.

It is important that an erection ring is not worn for longer than 30 minutes, an excessively long blood congestion can cause a penis ring to become dangerous. If the blood congestion lasts too long, the tissue is overstrained and can be permanently damaged, which in turn can lead to irreversible impotence.


How can I determine the correct size?

Penis rings are available in different sizes and materials. In order not to despair in front of the shelf, we give you some tips. Metal, leather and other rigid materials should be taboo for newcomers. For beginners, an erection ring made of stretchy material is important to get a feel for the right size. Flexible material forgives calculation errors and can be cut quickly in the worst case.


We recommend the POTENZplus set with three different sizes or the adjustable ERECTOmed. So you can start loosely and then either choose a smaller size or tighten the ring according to your feeling. Please never tie too tight, because the penis must also be supplied with oxygen, after all you don't want to suffocate it.

If the correct size has been determined, removal is also possible without any problems.


Does the penis ring causes any damage when used with a condom?

No it doesn't harm and can even help! Because if you put on the condom and then the ring, this can fix the condom and provide secure hold.


Can you make an erection ring by yourself?

When searching for the perfect penis ring, you will come across instructions to do it yourself, but please suppress your craft skills. The health risk is simply too high with incorrect conversion and specially conceived aids are also not expensive.


Conclusion: Is a penis ring dangerous? No, when used correctly it is a great aid!

The application is simple, the costs are negligible and the effect is very high. We give a "thumbs up". It is important to pay attention to good quality when buying. It should be elastic, made of medical silicone and without toxins. Do not use plastic/rubber, otherwise the softeners are the only danger for your best piece.