Menstrual sponge – the slightly different monthly hygiene

Month after month it haunts us, restricts us, and in the stupidest case, bandages and tampons are very uncomfortable to wear. The period! No woman likes it, but there are ways to enjoy it as carefree as possible! A sponge is the solution!


What is a menstrual sponge?

Also known as Soft-Tampons, it is the perfect alternative to bandages and cotton tampons. Flexible and particularly soft, the sponge adapts to the female anatomy. It is ideal for sports and swimming and it can also be used during intercourse to prevent stains from getting into the bedding. Many reasons why the Soft-Tampon is so popular among users.


Use menstrual sponge

A Soft-Tampon can be easily removed through the integrated grip tab by pulling it out with the index or middle finger on the grip tab. If removal is still difficult, we recommend squatting down or sitting on the toilet with spread legs, as this shortens the depth of the vagina from 9 to 10 cm to about 4 to 5 cm.

It is generally recommended to use a menstrual sponge on days of heavy bleeding, because a full tampon then becomes very soft and can be easily pulled out. If the grip tab is not felt, simply shape the index and middle finger into "tweezers".


How long is the shelf life of the menstrual sponge?

First of all: please use each Soft-Tampon only once, as the hygienic safety and the high absorbency is no longer guaranteed and infections can occur. We therefore strongly advise against washing out the Soft-Tampon and wearing it again. Although there are so-called natural sponges that are washed out and used by some users without any restrictions, bacteria and viruses can always survive in the material and lead to unsightly infections.

A hygienically packed tampon has no best before date and as long as the packaging is undamaged, the tampon can be used.


Where can I buy the menstrual sponge?

The Original Soft-Tampons are available in pharmacies and also online. Dare trying out something new. The Soft-Tampons are available in small trial packs of only 3 pieces and if you don't want to miss them anymore, you can buy 50 pieces at once for a reasonable price. We are convinced - the Soft-Tampon will make your life more comfortable

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