More well-being through sex

According to a study by the University of Toronto Mississauga in Canada, it is highly recommended to have sex at least once a week. This should not only make you healthier, but also happier and more relaxed. Because satisfying sex can reduce stress and even relieve pain. The longer the sex and the stronger the orgasm, the more relaxing it is. This is due to the fact that the production and release of some hormones only fully increases after a few minutes. This means that the production of dopamine is only stimulated after 20 minutes and the release of endorphins also increases with the duration of sexual intercourse.

The hormone endorphin has a pain-relieving effect similar to opium and can therefore not only help with migraines but also increase well-being during menstruation. Orgasms can even relieve depression. For this purpose a London doctor even invented the vibrator, we recommend the Joysticks, in 1880. It was prescribed to depressed women to relieve stress and to combat hysteria and depression. The hormone oxytocin is mainly responsible for this, as it has a calming effect and can reduce feelings of anxiety. It also activates the immune system. This means that satisfying sex not only relieves pain but also protects against illness.

Sex not only helps against pain, but is also a real fountain of youth for you. Blood circulation is improved and the organs are better supplied with oxygen due to faster breathing. This makes the skin look rosier. Women also produce oestrogen and progesterone during sex, which leads to an improved sense of smell and touch and improves the body's performance and reaction and memory. Men, on the other hand, produce even more testosterone, which not only helps build muscle but can also lower cholesterol levels. Women and men therefore become even more feminine and masculine through more sex. Regular sex therefore promotes health and well-being in every respect.

So it is obvious that sex should not be avoided during menstruation. Many women suffer from abdominal pain or headaches during their period, which can be relieved, if not completely resolved, with a satisfying orgasm. However, sex during menstruation is very uncomfortable for most of them, as the blood also spreads to the man and bed during intercourse. This is why many people avoid sex, which can give them both satisfaction and relief from pain. JOYDIVISION has developed Soft-Tampons so that sex can be enjoyed without any problems. They ensure that bleeding no longer has to be a hindrance. Due to their ergonomic shape, they are hardly or not at all noticeable. Since the Soft-Tampon, like the menstrual sponge, has no annoying return string, it can not only be worn without worries during sexual intercourse, but also for discreet protection when going to the sauna or when swimming. They are also particularly suitable for sports, as no band can chafe anymore. The Soft-Tampons therefore help every woman to enjoy her freedom during menstruation.