Successful ... for 25 years

Since his youth it was the dream of company founder Oliver Redschlag to become an entrepreneur. With his products, he wanted to offer solutions that would inspire. As a demanding person, he set the bar very high right from the start. One of the reasons, why consistently in Germany one produces.

Innumerable success stories pave the 25th anniversary of the firm history. For example, JOYDIVISION has made a name for itself with the development of the world's first 100% natural and only CO2-free lubricant BIOglide and Europe's most popular lubricant brand AQUAglide. Soft-Tampons have also become the benchmark for threadless tampons and the best-selling product of their kind worldwide. Oliver Redschlag still has many goals and dreams today, so consumers can look forward to products that enrich their lives in the future as well.

Our success story

  • The success story of JOYDIVISION begins with the first love swing and opens up a new market. A total of 36 magazines report on the JOYDIVISION love swing to millions of readers. To this day, JOYDIVISION sells thousands every year all over the world.
  • JOYDIVISION moves into its first business premises in Hanover, with an area of 80 m².
  • Since the business premises have already become too small, JOYDIVISION moves into new business premises with an area of 300 m². Hiring of the first full-time employee.
  • BIOglide (, today world-famous and renowned, is the world's first 100% natural lubricant to be born.
  • The journey continues ... First in German bedrooms, then throughout Europe: Soft-Tampons ( set a new standard. The stringless lifestyle product line is now the world's best-selling product of its kind. Specially designed for those special moments so that you don't have to do without sports, sauna, swimming or sexual intercourse during your menstruation. 
  • JOYDIVISION goes online with the first internet presence
  • JOYDIVISION moves to its premises in an industrial estate in Hanover.
  • The office, production and warehouse are now located on 2000 m².
  • JOYDIVISION launches AQUAglide ( on the market. Meanwhile AQUAglide is sold millions of times and is one of the most popular lubricants in Europe. 
  • The first television advertising for Soft-Tampons flickers on German screens - demand rises in a flash. 
  • JOYDIVISION launches the eatable massage oil "liebe Sünde BODYkiss" as licensee of the erotic TV show "liebe sünde" (broadcast on VOX and Pro7).
  • In cooperation with the well-known cartoonist and author Ralph Ruthe ( JOYDIVISION launches the funny illustrated lubricant WONDERglide. 
  • The threadless Soft-Tampons are advertised by Stiftung Warentest ( as "the real alternative".
  • The first decade of JOYDIVISION – and also JOYDIVISION's first product – the love swing – celebrates its 10th anniversary. 
  • The renowned market research institute Wickert ( confirms the popularity of the Soft-Tampons with a study.
  • JOYDIVISION introduces its own high-quality silicone vibrator line under the trademark "Joystick". These are the world's first premium toys with a 5-year warranty.
  • JOYDIVISION becomes a stock corporation. The growing JOYDIVISION Produktions- und Vertriebs-GmbH became the grown JOYDIVISION international AG – with customers in more than 50 countries. 
  • JOYDIVISION introduces the claim "perfect Lovestyle! as a supplement to the JOYDIVISION logo. 
  • The Soft-Tampons, which had been sold millions of times before, are the first tampons in the world to be equipped with an integrated return loop, which makes removal even easier.
  • The JOYDIVISION international AG expands the area of the business premises to 2500 m² with a storage capacity for 1000 pallets.
  • BIOglide celebrates its 10th anniversary. JOYDIVISION expands its product line with BIOglide safe, which can be HP virus-inhibiting. This has been confirmed by an international in-vitro study.
  • JOYDIVISION launches the particularly high-quality luxury massage centre line Femme Fatale on the market.
  • JOYDIVISION is the first German manufacturer to have all its toys TÜV tested in order to offer users even more safety.
  • JOYDIVISION celebrates its 15th anniversary and is more successful than ever before.
  • AQUAglide celebrates 10th anniversary.
  • JOYDIVISION introduces Lean Production to increase the efficiency of in-house production, which is essential for premium products "Made in Germany".
  • With the Joystick micro-set product line, JOYDIVISION launches the world's first "Bullet" vibrators with a standard AAA battery.
  • The company JOYDIVISION and all products shine in a new look. The new corporate design including the new logo stands for the "new look of seduction". The company claim is changed to "my Lovestyle!" to express more closeness to the intimate products.
  • In the meantime, the number of sales countries has grown to 60.
  • It gets even better ... JOYDIVISION presents the Soft-Tampons with an innovative, optimized design for even easier insertion and removal.
  • After several years of development, JOYDIVISION launches the Joyballs secret as the world's most discreet pelvic floor training balls: not only the patented return loop, the innovative material, and the extraordinarily effective trampoline effect make them unique.
  • Soft-Tampons celebrate their 15th anniversary.
  • Due to the permanent growth, JOYDIVISION has expanded the area of its business premises to a total of 3000 m².
  • The innovative ribbonless Joyballs are not only the most discreet love balls, but have also been awarded a design prize. They are rewarded with awards for excellent design by red dot, universal design and DELTA Design.
  • JOYDIVISION celebrates its 20th anniversary.
  • JOYDIVISION expands into the USA and founds subsidiary JOYDIVISION (North America) LLC in Atlanta/Georgia.
  • JOYDIVISION together with BDiH has developed a new seal of approval "Natural Product - Standard approved by BDiH" for medical devices. Finally there is a reliable standard that guarantees the naturalness of a product. After a thorough test, BIOglide is the first medical device to bear the test seal.
  • In addition, BIOglide is the world's first CO2-neutral lubricant.
  • Since CO2 emissions cannot be completely avoided during the production of the natural lubricant, the released carbon dioxide emission is compensated by the high-quality CO2 climate protection project "ArBolivia".
  • Another three JOYDIVISION products are awarded design prizes. Joyballs, Joystick Findus and Joystick Sailor score with the universal design award.
  • AQUAglide celebrates its 15th anniversary.
  • JOYDIVISION introduces the XPANDER (, the world's most innovative prostate stimulator.
  • XPANDER receives several awards in the USA and Germany. The XPANDER is now the prostate stimulator with the most awards.
  • AQUAglide becomes test winner with
  • BIOglide celebrates its 20th anniversary and is rated "very good" by ÖKO-TEST.
  • JOYDIVISION is awarded as "Best European Manufacturer".
  • Soft-Tampons celebrate their 20th anniversary.
  • With BIOglide glide and massage oil, JOYDIVISION launches the world's first 100% biological combination product of this kind on the market.
  • rates clean'n'safe as "very good" and recommends the customer favourite as "best product" in comparison with other toy cleaners.
  • JOYDIVISION international AG celebrates 25th anniversary.
  • The Soft-Tampons are awarded by with "very good" as "winner price-performance" / "winner of comparison".
  • The company moves into new office- and warehouse facilities. JOYDIVISION has now a separate warehouse near the business rooms.
  • Our AQUAglide celebrates its 20th anniversary
  • The Joystick micro-sets celebrate their 10th anniversary
  • The XPANDER product family celebrates its 5th anniversary
  • Our BIOglide is one of the lucky winners of the SIGN Award "Most Environment-Friendly Range 2020".
  • Our Joyballs secret celebrate their 10th anniversary
  • The EROpharm brand with high-quality sex preparations is celebrating its 20th anniversary
  • The WARMup series with high-quality warming massage liquids has been expanded to include the WARMup mint variant.
  • Original BIOglide is again rated "very good" by ÖKO-TEST.
  • Original AQUAglide is again rated "very good" by ÖKO-TEST.
  • JOYDIVISION is DIN EN ISO 13485 certified.
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