How much sport is good for the libido?

Topics such as "Pelvic floor training to increase desire", "Sport is good for body and soul" and so on accompany our everyday life. Do you know the guilty conscience, because you didn't do enough sports? But now the good news: too much sport damages the libido.

Everything in moderation is ok, but unfortunately the generation of social media tends to more and more extremes. Influencers with a six-packs, Germany's Next Top Models and constant reports on the latest diet and sports trends are causing many women to mutate into extreme sportswomen.

Norwegian researchers have found that excessive sport can damage the libido and even lead to infertility. And why this is so we will explain to you now. If your body has to do too much training and, in the worst case, not enough food, then it has to save energy elsewhere.

And the missing energy is then simply saved in hormone production! The result of exaggerated sport could then actually be sexual unwillingness and also infertility.


Symptoms of overtraining

  • your resting pulse rate is higher than usual
  • you are irritable
  • unusually severe muscle soreness
  • performance degradation
  • chronic fatigue and sleep disorders
  • inner restlessness and lack of concentration and depressive mood
  • digestive problems (especially diarrhoea is widespread)
  • headache
  • weight gain & muscle loss due to a disturbed hormonal environment
  • disturbed eating behaviour (both loss of appetite and increased appetite)


But don't get nervous just because you go to the gym twice a week, it only affects those who really overdo it. Exercise, every day and without stopping, you should definitely think about If you run more than 60 km a week, it gets critical. Good for the libido and pelvic floor are rather sports like yoga, pilates or even rowing.


A fungi is also nothing for the desire increase!

Endurance sportswomen inevitably sweat and anyone who spends long periods of time in sweaty sportswear increases the risk of catching a fungal infection.

Tips to avoid infection:

  • take off wet sports and swimming clothes immediately
  • wear breathable sportswear
  • washing clothes after sport
  • sleep naked


And how good is cycling for the libido?

Dangers for your vagina also lurk when riding a bike! A study by Yale University has found out that too much pressure on the perineal region can constrict the nerves and prevent the blood from flowing properly. If your vagina feels numb when you ride a bike, you should be careful.

One of the preventive measures is to put the steering wheel higher so that the vagina is relieved and your libido is not damaged. Seamless and breathable underwear and the right saddle are also a boon to your intimate area.



Moderate sport is important and definitely serves to increase pleasure. As always, everything in moderation is healthy. Should you nevertheless suffer from listlessness, there are also effective products such as the AQUAglide stimulation gel that will help you get back on track.