Lube during pregnancy

Sex and everything that goes with it raises many questions, especially during pregnancy! We are often asked whether you can use lubricant during pregnancy. Of course you can use a lubricant after consulting your gynaecologist! A 2010 Indiana University study of nearly 2,500 women found that those who used lubricant during sex reported significantly higher levels of satisfaction and pleasure!

Why do you need lube, especially during pregnancy?

The hormonal changes of pregnancy can be quite disruptive to the system, and natural vaginal moisture is highly dependent on hormones. With lubricant you can help a little and hormonal dryness is no longer a problem.

Will the baby get any of the lubricant?

Until labor starts, the cervix is completely closed and nothing can get through to the baby. By the time the barrier is opened, the first contractions have already started and by then probably no woman is in the mood for sex. But a pregnant woman should not give up sex or lubricant only out of fear for the unborn child. The mother and the baby can benefit from the pleasure of sex.

Can alternatives to lubricant be used?

Other lubricating products such as Vaseline, baby oil, olive oil or body moisturizers have no place in the intimate area during and also outside pregnancy. There is a risk that they contain ingredients that can irritate the sensitive intimate area. Lubricating gels were developed especially for the vaginal flora!

Which lubricant is recommended during pregnancy?

Water-based lubricants have proven their worth, as they are particularly well tolerated and also very convenient to use. If something goes wrong because the baby bump is in the way, there are no stains in the bed linen. We can recommend our AQUAglide or also BIOglide for bio-affine expectant mothers.

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What types of lubricants should pregnant women avoid?

Avoid any type of lube with additives. A simple water-based neutral lubricant does not run the risk of causing irritation. You can take the exciting tingling and tasty lubes out of the drawer again when your offspring is fast asleep.

What should I bear in mind after pregnancy?

Sex is still taboo for the first six weeks after the birth due to postpartum flow. After that, however, you can carefully build up sexual closeness again. Especially after pregnancy, lubricant gel is also the perfect aid again to counteract vaginal dryness during breastfeeding.


In principle, sex is always good for you and everything that is good for you can't be bad during pregnancy!

Thanks to lubricant during pregnancy you are not only parents but also remain lovers.

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