Menopause: lube, a relaxed approach to sexuality and talking will help!

That way you can get through the middle of life without any problems!

No woman has to put up with listlessness during menopause. Here you will find suggestions for more fun in a less worrying phase of life.


Menopause made easy!

A positive attitude towards life can be the foundation stone for a great time! Use your life experience and openly express your needs. Feel free and accept your phase lovingly. Talk to your environment about your fluctuations and try to take it with humour. Especially your partner will thank you if you laugh at yourself after an irritation.


Ignite your lust anew.

Reinvent yourself and enjoy trying things out. The menopause is not an illness but a new phase of life that you can and must face with self-confidence. Therefore, don't be ashamed and openly express your needs and preferences. Everything that enriches your intimate life also supports your ability to orgasm.


Goodbye vaginal dryness.

Even if the oestrogen level drops with menopause and causes the vagina to be insufficiently moistened, this is no reason to despair. Now please do not endure this condition and use spit! If your mucous membranes are dry, you must "consciously" use a tube of lubricant yourself. We recommend the millionfold popular lube AQUAglide, which has made couples love longer for 20 years.


Movement and well-trained pelvic floor

Especially with advancing age and also due to the hormonal changes, the musculature decreases. But what few people know is that a well-trained pelvic floor provides more sensation during orgasm. What to do now? Train your body center and try out ben wa balls. The little wonder balls make the normally relaxed one tense up to hold the balls. So your pelvic floor is trained almost by itself.

The Joyballs secret combine further advantages and make training particularly effective and discreet.



It is important not to neglect sexuality during the menopause; in any case, lust is not affected by the decreasing estrogens. If you still do not feel any lust, emotional factors are usually responsible.

A study by the University of Gothenburg reveals that sexuality only starts to decline after the age of 70. At the age of 40, 50 or even 60, women are still in the middle of life and enjoy the time together. Perhaps even more than before, because women now know exactly what they want and say it. And the tiresome issue of an unwanted pregnancy is fortunately also off the table with the menopause.