#Stayhome and #loveyourself

Masturbation helps through the Corona crisis

Right now it is especially important to do a lot of good for yourself. Singles have it especially hard in times of Corona, because missing contacts of a physical kind can damage the psyche. But there are things that have been proven to be good for your soul and masturbation is one of them.

We would like to explain to you here how masturbation becomes even more beautiful, why it is so important and why you should stand by the "unfortunately still" taboo topic.

According to a Women's Health survey 10% of women masturbate even 7 times a week. So what can be reprehensible about that?

Be aware that masturbation can boost your self-confidence, relieve stress, sleep problems, pain and generally improve orgasm.


Masturbation in 5 steps:

1. Create the right atmosphere
Whether in the bedroom, on the sofa or in the shower, if it suits you, then nothing stands in the way of happiness. Everyone has his own definition of the "right" atmosphere.

2. Be not ashamed of anything
No matter what you think about or how you do it. Please do not be ashamed of anything, because everyone has individual fantasies and preferences.

3. Be inspired!
Yes, even women watch porn and it can be very stimulating or even a chat on the Internet with a complete stranger can work wonders.

4. Use lube
Because lube intensifies the feelings! Here you can find out more about "Vagina and lubricant".

5. Reflect the act
Then the next time will be even better. Think about what made you feel so special. Whether you would like to test a special love toy or whether the scented lubricant turns you on. There are said to be women who get even better at the thought of "sex on a strawberry field" with the right scent. No problem: there is BIOglide strawberry lube!

You will see, if you do it, you will feel better and believe us, the better you control the self-love, the better the sex with partner will be.

The Corona crisis will be over sometime and who knows, maybe you will enter another sex life with a completely new self-confidence.

So "Sex up your life", "stayhome" and "loveyourself!