The miracle of female orgasms

An orgasm is a fine thing. You enjoy it and ideally don't have to think much about it. It's only when a woman has trouble getting it that it's worth thinking about alternatives. Because most problems actually arise in the mind. Free yourselves and see what other types of orgasm women can experience. Just being inspired here can loosen the knot in your head and make sure that you can orgasm freely.

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Clitoral orgasm

Most women experience sexual climax clitorally. Unfortunately, many women only have them during masturbation. This could be because they don't dare communicate to the man exactly how they would like it. Many men would be happy if their sweetheart gave them precise instructions. Come on, girls, have the guts!


Vaginal orgasm

Vaginal orgasms are a little more complicated. A woman gets this orgasm by stimulating the G-spot. If you go in search of the pleasure point, or rather pleasure zone, you will reach it about 3 to 5 cm inside the vagina on the upper wall (towards the abdominal wall). This zone is slightly curved outwards and feels rough.


Blended orgasm

Blended means something like "mixed". A blended orgasm is the coincidence of a clitoral and vaginal climax. It is considered particularly intense and is the jackpot among orgasms.


Squirting orgasm

Ever since "Sex and the City", every woman has wanted to experience female ejaculation. Like the vaginal orgasm, this climax is also reached by stimulating the G-spot and is also equated with intense, exploding pleasure.
Tip: Women experience squirting orgasms more easily when they are penetrated doggy-style from behind.


The following orgasms are very exotic, but they are also experienced by women and should definitely not go unmentioned here!

A-spot and U-spot orgasm

Not only the G-spot is considered a centre of pleasure. The so-called A-spot is also really fun in bed. This spot is supposed to be ten to thirteen centimetres deep in the vagina, just in front of the uterine mouth in the front vaginal vault. If you want to say U after G and A, you're welcome! The U-spot is located below the clitoris and encompasses the area around the entrance to the urethra.


Anal orgasm

Anal sex is a matter of taste - not everyone likes to be stimulated up the backside. But if you like it, you can definitely experience an anal orgasm.
By the way, many women don't want to be penetrated hard or fast: Slow and intense movements are more likely to achieve the goal.


Nipple orgasm

A woman's nipples do not become hard by chance as soon as she is sexually aroused: they are centres of pleasure. If you take the time to pamper your partner's breasts, you may even be able to give her a nipple orgasm.


Cervix orgasm

The uterus can be part of a woman's sexual orbit. Some women find it particularly pleasurable to be stimulated by deep penetration during sex. Some sex positions are better suited for this than others. For example, the man can penetrate particularly deeply if the woman lies under him on her back and he gently pushes her knees towards her head.


Mental orgasm

It sounds like a myth - and let's be honest, it will probably remain one for the majority of women: the mental orgasm.
Climaxing by thinking sensual thoughts? Just try it out, sexy mental cinema is never wrong!



The coregasm doesn't just sound cool, it really is: women get it during a workout, i.e. when they really work up a sweat. In the USA, there are already special fitness courses in which the Coregasm is practised.
The coregasm is supposed to be achieved by extreme contraction of the core, i.e. the centre of the body: If you work your stomach, legs and buttocks at the same time, you exert internal pressure on the clitoris and can thus induce particularly intense feelings of happiness.


Orgasm "like" sleeping

Not only men have wet dreams, women can also come in their sleep.
Unfortunately, you can't control your dreams, but you can influence them: if you think about sex before you go to bed, you might be lucky enough to dream about hot adventures.

We hope you found some ideas for you here and are already looking forward to your next orgasm. Take a look at our other topics, they will also help you to climax better.

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